The Taste of Selfishness

We were poor newlywed college students looking for a way to pass the evening when we had the brilliant idea of popping over to the local mall for an ice cream cone from the fancy creamery. Since money was tight, we decided to get one double-scoop cone and share it, each of us picking a topping. It was going to be the best ice cream ever. We each selected the thing we were most craving and we peered through the glass as the attendant folded our independent choices into a single pile of ice cream on the cold marble slab: fresh cherries and Oreo cookies. It was indeed one epic ice cream cone. Hands down the worst we’ve ever had. It was so bad, in […]

How to Make Date Nights Awesome, Part 3

Part 3: Conversation Starters So now that you’ve created space for date nights and laid some ground rules, it’s time for some resources to help you and your spouse connect again.   Here’s a free printable workbook of questions to get you going on your first date:  Grow Together, Dream Together Enjoy reconnecting with your Beloved! Let me know how the conversation goes in the comments below. 🙂   Tune in next Wednesday for another free date night resource!  

How to Make Date Nights Awesome, Part 2

Part 2: The Ground Rules Now that you’ve created space for a date, you’ve got to lay some ground rules. Agree upon these rules before you ever start your date. Set expectations up front. If you have to, put them in writing and sign them! Hold each other accountable. Rules for Dating Your Spouse: 1) Unplug Turn off notifications and put all devices away, out of sight. The only call or text that should get through is one from the babysitter in case of emergency (unless you have someone close by who can handle emergencies or you’re staying home, then turn off your devices altogether). How many dates have we spent just staring at our phones half the time? Unplugging […]

How to Make Date Nights Awesome, Part 1

Connecting as a couple while parenting in this day and age can be tough. At the end of busy days juggling work and kids, marriage can easily fall to the back burner, crowded out by constant pressing needs. We can spend all our time and resources on important things and have nothing left for each other. But marriage is the most important relationship God has given us! When we nurture it, we’re more prepared to face the constant bombardment of other needs that come our way. We’re in a season where we don’t get much time together during the week, so we have to be really intentional with what little time we do have. Date nights are a life line […]