Dear Mom,

When you said recently that you didn’t homeschool us because you didn’t think you could, you were wrong. The truth is, you did educate us at home, even though we pursued academics at school. The more I learn about everything involved in the education of a whole person, the more I see how much of my education was shaped by you.

You taught me to read before I started kindergarten, and you instilled in me a love for books by reading to me at an early age. You fed me books that stirred my imagination and inspired me. 

You taught me to pursue excellence in all things, because you knew what I was capable of. 

You showed me how to run a well-ordered household, from making lists to sorting laundry to planning colorful and tasty meals.

You demonstrated how to prioritize Family, in every sense of the word.

You taught me how to sew on a button, how to cross-stitch, and how to mend a hole.

You showed me how to be a frugal spender and a liberal giver.

You showed me how to make home an inviting place to be, and how to welcome in others and put them at ease.

You taught me how to plan delightful events, from the organization of a space to the details of food and decorations.

You showed me how to spread a feast that appeals to all the senses.

You modeled respect and devotion as a wife, and affection and boundaries as a mother.

You upheld the authority of God’s Word and modeled obedience to it.

You limited negative influences and filled my world with positive role models.

You showed me how to be present with others. You demonstrated how to minister to needs in times of joy or grief.

You showed me how to cry out to God in times of distress, how to seek wisdom in times of confusion, and how to pray before any major decision.

When I consider who I’ve become, and who I am becoming, I owe much of my education to you. Many teachers have left their mark on my life, but none is so distinct as yours.

Thanks, Mom, for being my first and best teacher. I’m still learning from your example.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you!