This week’s #favoritething is a delightful story written by someone who has since become a dear friend.

The King’s Messenger, by Carolyn Clare Givens is a middle-grade chapter book that reads as a kind of parable. This medieval tale will captivate children and parents alike. (You know it’s a good book when a 10-year-old boy devours it in one sitting–as does his momma.)

Smuggins waits daily in the presence of his beloved King. As a messenger, he stands at the ready, observing everything the King does, awaiting his turn to be called to serve. Years of waiting and watching shape him, preparing him for the day rumors of unrest reach the throne room and he is finally called upon for an important and dangerous mission. Is Smuggins up to the task?

“Welcome to a story that winds through the struggles of patience, failure, forgiveness, and suffering until it lands at last in rest.” -Rebecca Reynolds, Author,

Smuggins’ simple story has a beautiful depth of meaning, painting a vivid picture of what life looks like in service to a sovereign Lord. It’s the perfect way to inspire a child’s imagination with loyalty and service to our good King Jesus. I guarantee you’ll be challenged in your own faith, too.

“I am almost inclined to set it up as a canon that a children’s story which is enjoyed only by children is a bad children’s story. The good ones last.” -C.S. Lewis

This, my friends, is a story that will last.

You can order The King’s Messenger on (go read the reviews) or request it from your local bookstore.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!



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