Jenna is by far one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met–on both the inside and out. Little did I know that the first time I met her would also be the last this side of heaven. A mutual friend had called me just days before to ask if I’d be willing to do a shoot with Jenna before she started chemo and lost all her hair–she had just been diagnosed with a rather rare form of stomach cancer and she had difficult months ahead of her. When she and her mother and our mutual friend arrived at our apartment, I was stunned by Jenna’s beauty and gentle grace. Lovely, but unassuming, Jenna happily answered our questions about her […]


After shooting his big brother’s senior photos two years before, I was excited to have the opportunity to capture Josh, too! Quiet and creative, this young man is full of surprises. I loved hearing about Comic-Con and his latest costume designs. (And check out those Dr Who sneaks. He painted them himself!) I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Josh’s future!

Timo and Katie

When I was a kid, I would pore over any photography or travel magazine I could get my hands on, daydreaming about taking captivating photos in exotic places. Never did I imagine I’d get to shoot a wedding at the cusp of the Mediterranean in a village on the southern edge of Spain! Capturing Timo and Katie’s day was both a high honor and a dream come true! I wish I had space to share the whole story of this amazing couple’s beautiful celebration, but a handful of photos will have to suffice. Joy and love exuded every moment as this couple made deeply reverent vows before God and their loved ones. I’m so thankful to have been a part […]


Meet my precious sister-in-law, Karen! She’s the little sister I never had growing up. She’s been a champ to pose for a lot of shots over the years, but this shoot was special to commemorate her senior year of high school. She’s now an adult with a degree in business and big plans of her own, but I had to share just a few of these for old times’ sake. I love you, Karen!


When I first met Ben, he really impressed me because of the way he entertained our little boys so we could eat lunch in peace and enjoy an adult conversation. That first impression proved to be true of his character! Kind and thoughtful, Ben is a bright young man who understands his God-given talents and how to use them to bless others. What a privilege to capture him in this season of his life!