This week’s #favoritething is brand new, but we’ve been dying to tell you about it for months!

Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible Volume 3 was just released Friday. But thanks to Kickstarter, we’ve been listening since Christmas. 😀 We just can’t get enough of this music! (If you need no further introduction, here’s the link so you can get yourself a copy.)

Here are a few reasons we LOVE this album:

  • In keeping with the previous Slugs and Bugs albums, the music is delightful, fun, and REAL. (Sometimes I listen to it without my kids in the car. Just sayin’.) 
  • The lyrics are word-for-word scripture.
  • Carrots are crazy.
  • Volume 3 is all about Jesus!
  • Voices we love have shared in the joy-making of this music: Propaganda, Sally Lloyd-Jones, Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, Bart Millard (of MercyMe), Mike Weaver (of Big Daddy Weave), and more.
  • Our four-year-old can quote lengthy passages of the Bible with no effort on our part.
  • Did I mention fun? It makes a great living room dance party jam.
  • This music never, ever gets old. (We should know. We’ve tried to wear it out.)

Still not sold? Read this review and this review, then go buy the album so you can enjoy it with us. 🙂

You can thank us later.



*Our Favorite Things are simply that. We receive nothing in return for sharing them with you except the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve connected other parents with something we’ve found encouraging.