As a mom of four littles, I don’t get a lot of time to myself.

That’s a problem, because I need time to myself in order to renew my mind and prepare my heart for the day.

Nobody likes the ugly momma who comes out when I don’t.

Many of the methods of spiritual renewal I’ve used require both time and sustained mental presence–two things sorely lacking in this season of life when disrupted sleep and constant needs eat up what little margin I have.

Despite my whole-hearted attempts, I’ve often felt behind, on spiritual defense in the battle for my mind. Once my brain starts taking those well-worn paths of negativity, my best hope is to struggle hard against the current as the whirlpool drags me lower and lower. Even when I get out of it, I still collapse on the bank, drenched and exhausted from swimming so hard. That hardly feels like victory.

That’s when I decided to go on offense to see if I could avoid that downward spiral altogether.

Certainly, the best way to do this is to have scripture at the forefront: I have verses on my mirror and my fridge, in the diaper bag, on my phone, in my music, and, of course, in my reading plan. I need the Word front and center.

Despite all this, though, I still struggle to live out of key truths regarding my identity in Christ. I need reminders, but I can’t manage verse cards with a baby in my lap, I lose the meaning of passages I try to read on my phone, and my mind wanders when I listen to audio because I’m a visual learner.

I need something different in this season, so I decided to try writing a list of affirmations, like a spiritual pep talk to myself.

These morning affirmations are based in truths I’ve found in scripture, as the Spirit has applied them to my own life. They are written to me, in my own plain words, so I can quickly ground myself in the places where I know I’m vulnerable to be attacked or believe a lie.

It takes less than five minutes to read them all, but they touch on every area where I regularly fight spiritual battles. No more playing defense for me. This game is on.


Click here if you want to read my personal day-starter:

  Morning Affirmations


I cannot tell you what a difference these affirmations have made for me. When I recognize a negative thought pattern forming, I can look at this sheet and correct that train of thought before it ever leaves the station.

I am more secure in my identity–

I am more content with my lot–

I am less influenced by my changing emotions–

          –because I remember what’s true.

Once again, I cannot emphasize enough that these affirmations flow from my time in scripture. There are no more powerful words than those of God Himself. This is not a replacement.

These affirmations are simply designed to give me a personally concentrated injection of the truths I struggle to believe in order to help my weak system do battle more efficiently.

Even while nursing a baby and prepping a bowl of cereal. 😉


What about you? Where are you most vulnerable to believe a lie?

If you were to write down the truths you need to hear in your worst moments, what would they be?

Feel free to share encouraging ideas in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “A Busy Mom’s Simple Day-Starter

  1. Love this!

    I have tried something similar with PrayerMate, with verses and quotes that have helped me and I need to remember. Each time I go through it, I get a random sampling of items from a few different categories. But I have been thinking of putting it on paper, perhaps on index cards on a ring, so that I can flip through like an old Rolodex.

    Thanks for sharing!

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