Today is our only daughter’s first birthday. To celebrate, we’re publishing the sonnet I wrote for her. Happy birthday, Evelyn.

Though as of now you do not speak one word,
Each look you give still says much to my soul.
Your deep blue eyes and smile ne’er I misheard:
To seek love in my face remains your goal.

My soul’s desire for you, child, is to know
Man’s love, though good, is bent; it will fail you.
So seek the Maker’s love and in it grow
To hope in His return, the world made new.

O, do not let your love rest only here.
No, lay your treasure up in heav’n above,
And do not operate in lonely fear,
But trust the sweet communion of His love.

Trust these: His words, His truth, His grace, His ways.
His love will guard your heart ‘till end of days.