–Originally published on FWB21 March 24, 2011–
Ever see a really great magic trick and be totally floored by it? It’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen–you cannot possibly wrap your mind around how it could be done. Let me see that again. Has anyone ever removed that veil of mystery and shown you how to do that cool magic trick? It takes away the wonder. When you see it performed again, you think, psh, I know how he did that. Big deal.

This morning, I was thinking that maybe I am guilty at times of doing that with God. I’ve read scientific facts about our solar system and the stars within our galaxy, and I’ve thought, yeah, He spoke it into being. But when is the last time I stood outside on a clear night and simply gazed at the stars with a feeling of smallness? When was the last time I stopped and was left speechless by the glory and power of God as manifest through His creation?

Just last week, I watched incredible videos of tsunami waters washing like a never-ending tide over a sprawling country-side and of a dry street turning almost instantly into a rushing river carrying boats and buildings alike. I do not pretend to know the mind of God as to why the earthquake and tsunami happened, but I do know that watching videos of them made me feel smaller and God seem bigger.

I’ve regained a sense of awe and wonder–and even trembled with a bit of fear–at the amazing power displayed in God’s creation. When I worship, I worship a God who is infinitely beyond my comprehension. When I serve, it’s with a renewed perspective of my purpose on God’s earth. When I plan and prepare and take action, it’s with the thought that my time here is short.

God, let me see You again.