–Originally posted on FWB21 July 14, 2011–
I’m currently at Cumberland Camp in the hills of Tennessee, enjoying a week-long retreat from the world with my home church. Mick is speaking every night this week, working through passages dealing with the topics of total depravity, justification, sanctification, and glorification (one for each night). As his wife, I get a lot of feedback on what a great job he did, how clearly he shared God’s Word, and what individuals got out of the messages. And I’m amazed.

I’m amazed at how one sermon from one passage shared to a diverse group of small children, teens, and mature adults can speak so directly to all of them. God’s Word is relevant for everyone.

I’m amazed that the Spirit can take one sermon from one passage and convict so many people in so many distinct and individual ways. God’s Word meets each person where he is in order to bring him along in conformity to Christ’s image.

I’m amazed that Truth never loses its power. Even after years of memories at this camp, God’s Word spoken here is as fresh and powerful now as when I was a kid.

I’m amazed at how the Word alone can satisfy our hunger; how Christ alone can satisfy our thirst. Focusing so intently on the gospel in a retreat like this is like a downpour of cold water upon a thirsty soul; it’s a refreshing flood for a gathering of thirsty souls.

I’m amazed, and humbled, that God could use our family to share His Word this week in ways that speak and minister to others in the very same the way that so many people spoke and ministered to me in this same place many years ago.

God is perfectly good, His Word is infinitely powerful, and His Spirit is intimately personal. Man, it’s been a good week.