–Originally published on FWB21 June 12, 2011–
Tonight during E-TEAM training, we had the great privilege of hearing Mrs. Lorene Miley speak. At “fourscore and some years,” Mrs. Miley joyfully and personally connected with her audience of teens (and adults, too!) as she shared the testimony of what God has done in her life and the road down which He led her to Africa and back.

Mrs. Miley’s recurring statement was this: God speaks the language of the heart. Even when we do not, or cannot, speak, God hears and understands our hearts. As she spoke, my mind recalled passages such as “obedience is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams” and “a broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.” I personally was challenged to maintain a heart of obedience toward God.

Now, I love to hear missionary stories, especially from veteran missionaries. So, when I get the opportunity to sit and listen to a missionary as well-experienced and as well-respected as Mrs. Miley, I’m all ears. I mean, to glean bits of wisdom from one whose life pursuit has long been Christ Jesus is a rare opportunity. When Mrs. Miley stated that she was going to share two things that she would do differently if she could, I listened very carefully.

The first was this: to have more of a servant’s heart. Wow. This coming from one of the greatest servants I’ve ever met. Even at 80-something, she is still serving, enthusiastic about the ministries that the Lord gives her. More of a servant’s heart…

The second was this: to allow the love of God to flow through her to others more perfectly. Knowing that her love alone could never be adequate, she expressed a passion for allowing God to love others through her. Mrs. Miley’s passion is contagious.

Have a servant’s heart. Love people better. Remember that God speaks the language of the heart. There is much wisdom to be learned here…