–Originally published on FWB21 June 18, 2011–
After almost two weeks away, it’s good to be home. Our own beds, our normal routine, our comfortable life.

In the car yesterday, with a few hours left to travel, our 4-year-old asked me, “Mommy, where are we going now?” “Home, dear! We’re going home.” His next question surprised me a bit: “Where is that?”

Now, if you know our son, you know that memory is not one of his weak points. He knows full well where we live right now, but in his short life span he also remembers living in a trailer next door to my parents and living in an apartment in Spain. I think he was just looking for reassurance as to what we call home right now, and whether his stuff would still be there when we got back.

And that got me to thinking…

We just spent a week focused on world missions during E-TEAM training. We heard God’s call once again, we were challenged with the reminder that we are aliens and strangers on this earth, and we were humbled to be made aware of those who joyfully worship and serve our Lord without all the freedoms that make us comfortable here. We sang during incredible times of worship lyrics like these:

Take all I am Lord, and all that I cling to
You are my Savior I owe everything to

Take all the treasures that lie in my storehouse
They cannot follow when I enter Your house

Take all my cravings for vain recognition
Fleshly indulgence and worldly ambition

I want so much, Lord, to make You the focus
To serve You in secret and never be noticed

So I surrender all to You. I surrender all.

To top it off, I am in the middle of reading David Platt’s Radical as our book of the month. What timing.

With such intense focus on Christ and the purpose of the church, I am pulled once again from my comfort zone. I thank God for the freedoms and the comforts with which He has blessed our family, and I beg Him to not allow them to take hold of my heart. I pray fervently that this world never truly feels like home–that I find my rest in Jesus Christ alone, no matter where we live.

Find rest, my soul, in God alone
Amid the world’s temptations;
When evil seeks to take a hold
I’ll cling to my salvation.
Though riches come and riches go,
Don’t set your heart upon them;
The fields of hope in which I sow
Are harvested in heaven.

O praise Him! Hallelujah!
My Delight and my Reward;
Everlasting, never failing,
My Redeemer, my God!

This world is not my home, I’m just a-passin’ through…