–Originally published on FWB21 December 27, 2012–
Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I figured since FWB21 is a blog for 20-somethings, I should make it known that as of tomorrow I will no longer fit this category. However, by the grace of God, I plan to continue to blog here for as long as they’ll let me. Until I’m too old and irrelevant. Or until Jesus comes. (I’m really hoping the latter comes first.)

I’ve never been one to lament the aging process. Rather, I embrace it. Because I have long found my identity in Christ, I have learned “in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Whether single or married, without children or with them, very young or quickly maturing, barely making ends meet or having an overabundance… I have at every stage been able to find contentment in Christ.

Jesus is the One who gives my life purpose. He is the source of all good things. He alone sustains me, empowers me, and calms my anxious heart. As long as I am abiding in Him, nothing can rob me of the joy and peace of His presence.

I find it interesting to think about the Jewish custom of reaching maturity at age 30. Jesus was about my age when He began His earthly ministry. To think that all of His life to that point was preparation is quite incredible. If my first 30 years have been preparation, for what has God been preparing me?

As I step into this next phase of life as a 30-something, I’m looking farther down the road. According to the proverb, white hair is a crown of glory if it’s accompanied with wisdom. As more of these dark hairs turn gray, I want to increase in knowledge and understanding of the Word. I have no doubt that my 30s and 40s will pass much faster than did my 20s. If I am to be a wise old woman, it’s going to have to happen a little every day, beginning now!

My birthday prayer is that I might know God ever deeper and more intimately with each passing year, and that He would use my 30-something years for His divine purposes. May He be glorified in this vapor of a life He’s given me, and may I be a part of making His name famous among the nations to the expansion and coming of His kingdom. Amen. He is faithful.