On Our 14th Anniversary

Marriage is like turning a marathon into a 3-legged race. I’m running along at my own pace, eyes fixed on the goal, when I sense someone running beside me. I look over and see you running toward the same goal at about the same pace. We fall in step and decide that running this race is better as a team, so we stop and bind ourselves to one another hand and foot. At first we’re just happy for the companionship, and even though we’re bumbling along trying to find a new stride, the challenges are fun. But then the binds grow tight and chafe, cutting deep into the flesh. Indeed, the binds have fused our flesh together so it’s impossible […]

Making Mounds

Our garden continues to teach me about life. This week Mick and I had the rare opportunity to work in the garden together. We tilled up the rows that flooded and prepared to mound them like the rows of mounds that not only survived the heavy rains, but thrived in them. We decided to do three rows of alternating mounds with the center row offset from the other two. Mick and I began working simultaneously. I envisioned us working side by side in rhythm down the length of the garden, but I quickly became frustrated. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get my mounds in the right place or to the right size. I seemed to be […]

The Mighty Oak

There lives a mighty oak Next to our crooked drive; Its trunk is tall, its limbs are thick, Its base is firm and wide. Though once its mighty pow’r Was bound into a seed, I now behold a tow’ring strength, A deeper life decreed. Strong roots spread out beneath And break the hard, hard ground While lofty branches high above Speak truth without a sound. It’s been here many years. I know not when ‘twas planted. At least a few gen’rations now Have taken it for granted. It’s lived through drought and flood; through crash and slump it grew. ‘Survived the ‘cane of ‘89 And ice storm of ‘02. I pass this oak each morn While on my way to […]