–Originally published on FWB21 April 25, 2011–
This Easter weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of sharing the Story in a way that was meaningful to my son for the first time. He is finally old enough to remember facts from the stories he hears, and as we read picture books that spoke of the last supper, the betrayal, the trial, the crucifixion, the burial, and the resurrection, I could see understanding beginning to dawn. As we tie in some of the things we have discussed in previous months, he is beginning to comprehend some of the importance of Jesus’ death and life.

It hit me yesterday that sharing the gospel with my children is turning out to be a bit like playing connect the dots. The only difference is that I must first create the dots for them. Each Bible story, each discussion about sin during times of discipline, each memory verse, each explanation in answer to questions about our actions, each song is just one more dot that will eventually show my little ones the full picture of Who Jesus Christ is, why He came, and what He accomplished.

If I am diligent to share Truth when I’m sitting at home, and when we’re out around town, and when we’re getting ready for bed, and when we’re starting our day, making the gospel clear is as simple as connecting the dots.