–Originally posted on FWB21 April 7, 2011–
Part 2 on obedience:
Having seen numerous biblical accounts of great faith leading to giant steps of obedience in spite of serious risk, I am challenged to examine my own faith and see if it really measures up:

Will I begin moving, even if I don’t know yet which way to go?
Am I willing to let go of the ones I love, painful though that may be?
Can I lay aside the comforts and securities of my nationality?
Do I act upon the Spirit’s leading as He guides me into truth, even though my actions may be misunderstood or criticized by those around me?
Could I walk boldly to a painful death with a firm conviction that to die is gain?
Will I suffer injustice without complaint for the glory of Christ?

At various points throughout my journey, the Spirit has forced me to answer questions like these truthfully, and then, through an intense process, has turned each No into a Yes. It’s a painful chiseling, but I think it’s necessary to being conformed to the image of Christ. One thing I do know for sure: it is much easier to readily say “Yes” to the Spirit today than ever before in my walk. And by saying “Yes,” I mean taking the step of faith that the Spirit is leading me to take in that moment and acting upon it. Obedience, plain and simple.

I realize that I am extremely blessed to have a husband who will walk with me in this obedience. By faith, we have moved an average of more than once a year for our entire marriage. By faith, we have experienced the loneliness, fatigue, shock, and discomfort of living in an unfamiliar culture. By faith, we had a second son–born naturally–after I almost died with a c-section with our first. By faith, we have become liberal givers–and have seen the Lord continue to increase the amount we have to give.

People ask us frequently how to know the will of God. I guess they think that, because of our job, we have it all figured out. Mick’s answer has always been this: do what you know to do today. It’s all we’ve ever done, and it is what we’ll continue to do. For us, faith has led to a constant practice of obedience. Daily saying “Yes” to the Spirit’s leading–even when it’s uncomfortable, difficult, or risky.

The more I grow, the more I’m convinced that such obedience is a vital, necessary part of vibrant faith.