Discover intentional spiritual parenting.” The Legacy Path, by Brian Haynes, is a guide for parents who wish to pass on their faith to the next generations but who may lack the skills to do so.  After building a strong foundation upon biblical views of life and success in chapters 1-4, Haynes lays out seven milestones by which we can guide our children through life.  With each milestone, he gives core competencies which parents should seek to instill in their children as they approach the next milestone.  Practical suggestions for faith talks and milestone celebrations are plenteous, as are the extra resources available online.

As parents who fluctuate between “we’ve got this parenting thing down pat” and “we don’t have a clue what we’re doing,” we found Haynes’ book to be quite beneficial.  While I’m not sure the milestones for our children will look exactly like his, I found great relief to read through a plan that looks ahead and not just at the present.  Honestly, if every parent could get hold of the truths in chapters 1-4, we’d be living in a different culture (or at least sub-culture).  Those chapters alone are worth the price of the book.  An emphasis on the fact that we exist for God, that we must abide in Christ, and that building on the rock means defining success as loving God wholly by following Christ and loving people as Jesus does leaves the reader with much to ponder as a parent.  We have a huge task at hand–but we also have the Holy Spirit of God within us to give us wisdom along the way!  If you feel perplexed about the task of spiritually parenting your children, get a copy of this book and be encouraged. “No one has been designed as perfectly as you to be the primary faith influencer in the life of your child.” (pg 12)

I also found Haynes’ many illustrations and insights from his trips to Israel of particular interest.  I learned a few things about various Bible passages that I’d never known before–things that illuminate my understanding and deepen my appreciation of God’s Word!  Again, worth the price of the book.

As an English major, I have to throw in that I found improper comma usage to be rather distracting as I was reading (but who else would even notice?). Also, I was disappointed in the list of traits of a godly woman as most of them were from Proverbs 31 and none were from the New Testament.  Traits like submissiveness, self-control, godliness, good works, kindness, purity, and a quiet spirit should absolutely be in that list. Those traits aren’t as popular in our feminist culture, but they are biblical!!!

We highly recommend The Legacy Path.  It’s a great resource for any parent seeking biblical wisdom regarding the spiritual formation of their children.