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Today’s workbook is about expectations.

We all have expectations that are logical and reasonable to us, born out of who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we see the world. Expectations are human.

When life doesn’t match our expectations, we’re left with frustration, disappointment, anger, and conflict.

What if you could clear the air and get on the same page with your spouse so that your expectations are more in line with each other’s? What would that do for your marriage?

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Having done this exercise before, I expect you will be surprised at how differently the two of you see things. Your spouse does not think about the world the same way you do, and that’s a good thing.

If the time allotted for your date is short, fill out the worksheets ahead of time so you can spend your date discussing them.

Working through this exercise brought a new harmony to our marriage and reduced a few sources of tension and conflict. My prayer is that it’ll be a blessing to your marriage, too!

If you don’t mind being candid, share in the comments something you learned about your spouse from this exercise.

Happy Dating!
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