The dull, flat grayness of this wet morning is broken by a strand of pale warmth across the sky, a symbol of God’s grace to me. What would otherwise be a sad, discouraging scene is transformed into a thing of beauty. It’s not a glorious sunrise like those I’ve seen of late; the clouds are much too heavy for that. It’s not a rainy day, either (because I do love a good rainy day). No, today is just bleak and cold and still. There’s nothing much to mark it as any kind of special day–it just is. But God’s grace is there, and that gives it a beauty all its own.

Today is day 10 of sick bay at our house. First Keith, then Ian, then Gabe, then I came down with symptoms. It’s nothing too nasty–just a cough and a fever (but just a bit of one) and a stuffy nose. It’s been a hard week at home, being cooped up with the kids. Mick has been gone to a meeting of field workers and businessmen all week (a meeting that has been good for him and for our team) but that means that this extrovert has been alone with small children for days on end. I can handle alone time–I do my best thinking and writing in those quiet hours–but being alone with small children is a far different thing. The constant demands of little ones, especially sick little ones, is taxing. Having no outlet for meaningful human face-to-face contact with other adults is draining. Cabin fever hit hard come Thursday night and Friday, but yesterday was a nice respite. Mick was home all afternoon and evening and we were able to relax a bit and watch the first day of the winter Olympics. I thank God for His grace on the lonely days and for the break He gave me yesterday. Today may be gray, but the grace of God is here, and that gives the gray a tinge of beauty.