This is a book review. You may download a PDF version of the book for free.

Randy Alcorn is a well-known and respected author. But this book is one of his lesser-known titles. In Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? Alcorn answers the title question with thoroughly-investigated research presented with the heart of a pastor.

Before you dismiss the title because you think you know what he’s going to say, think again. Alcorn begins with basic definitions, presents a solid groundwork of evidence, quotes the pill manufacturers themselves, analyzes evidence presented to the contrary, answers questions and objections, and puts forth a number of appendices full of supplemental information. He confronts the question both scientifically and spiritually, and his assertions are both humble and honest. (He wrestles with the question, too.)

As followers of Christ, a high value of truth compels us to make well-informed decisions. Reading this book is one way to do that. A tiny paperback, this book is a quick read. (I read it cover-to-cover in one evening, and so did hubby.) And it isn’t just about “the pill”–the book deals with other hormonal contraceptives, too. I wish someone had put this book into our hands 10 years ago. For that reason, I’m putting it into yours. Please take a little time to read it.


*As a word of affirmation for the book’s veracity, I will share a personal anecdote. Unwilling to just accept what he wrote, I did my own research regarding the ‘contraceptive’ we had been using. Nothing anywhere in the packaging or on their website mentioned anything about the ‘third mechanism’ he speaks of. But a cursory Google search brought up as the #1 return an informed consent form from one of our nation’s largest state universities that plainly lists how this product alters the lining of the endometrium–as the second contraceptive mechanism. I was heartbroken, because we have always made an effort to make informed decisions, and we were deceived. Had we known this information, we no doubt would have made different choices. Thankfully, as I cried out to God over this, the Lord brought to mind the passage I had read that very morning in Leviticus where the priest offers sacrifices for unintentional sins. Our God is merciful and loving. He heals and forgives. Praise be to His name! Truth may not be easy or pleasant to accept, but we value truth because God is true. I’m so thankful to Mr. Alcorn for “setting forth the truth plainly.”



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