My Fight against Depression–One Mile at a Time

I feel the weight of life right now. Work is stressful, four little kids at home is stressful, and balancing life is just overwhelming at times. With my history of depression, I’m well acquainted with the process, and I can feel it coming on. So I run.... Continue reading

Combat the Crazy Update: Week 1

Our media fast is going even better than I had hoped. No one is pestering me for screen time. The kids are spending larger amounts of time reading or in independent or collaborative play. We are all enjoying the structure of a new routine with set expectations.... Continue reading

Intentionally Awesome Date Night: Personality

It’s time for our FREE Intentionally Awesome Date Night resource of the week! We’re all unique–and our uniqueness can cause varying degrees of compatibility or friction with the people around us. This is no less true in marriage. Understanding personality types can be a bridge in conflict... Continue reading